Sharon Sharon & LeslieAssistance League Santa Clarita continues its proud history of serving our local communities. Offering membership classifications that fit the lifestyles of the stay-at-home mom to the business executive provides effective volunteerism. Listed below are the ways to help out in the community. All classifications, but the community volunteer, pay dues and are encouraged to get involved with our programs and fundraisers. For more detailed information, please contact the First Vice President of Membership at Download a
Membership Form.
Conflict of Interest
Whistleblower Policy

Voting Member
Carol, Betty & Susan
This classification is for the individual who is able to attend our monthly chapter meetings regularly (1st Wednesday of each month in the morning or in the evening) and has time to get involved with our programs, fundraisers, and resale shop.

Nonvoting Member

This classification is for the individual who wants to be involved in our programs and fundraisers but does not have as much time to give and cannot make it to our monthly Chapter meetings regularly.Bobbi, Jeannie & Jill


Assisteen Member

This classification is for 7-12th grade students who would like to be a part of our junior auxiliary. They pay dues, attend monthly meetings, plan and participate in programs and fundraisers.

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